Prototype to interactively visualize Hamiltonian Monte Carlo sampling in javascript


A web app for generating samples from a sketched probability distribution function.

Compare Cross Country Courses

An offshoot of another project, this allows you to compare times between most collegiate cross country courses.

Minimal Machine Learning Visualization Example II

A demonstration of using Flask, React, and d3js to visualize machine learning models. This is a port of a previous project from Angular to React.

Cross Country Predictions

Using hundreds of thousands of historical cross country running results to make predictions about future meets. The page is updated more than weekly during the season.

In a Word

A small project which once a day checks for new words on Futility Closet and keeps a searchable, downloadable list of the curious words it finds there. Click the random button a few times, or make an Anki study deck.

Bayesian Updating

An interactive page for demonstrating and experimenting with the beta distribution. Built with AngularJS and d3js.

A Bayesian Approach to L1 and L2 Regularization

An essay on building linear regression models. It is converted from notes for a talk I gave at Rice University in September 2014. Contains lots of pictures, lots of interactivity, and a modest amount of math. As a bonus, everything is typeset with KaTeX.

Live $\LaTeX$ Previews

An AngularJS directive providing live rendering of MathJax. There is a more in depth info page with examples at the link.

Parametric Graphs

A small script built on top of d3js allowing you to define simple animated parametric equations.